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“THE BEST LEMON LAW ATTORNEY!! Trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable, and most important always kept me informed! Attorney Sohn worked on two different lemon law cases for me, and I had great results on both cases.”   –Bill Rahman, 5 Star review posted on Avvo

“Doug and Sherry were amazing to work with. Doug was so helpful and very quick to get back to me with any questions or concerns that I had. He kept me informed on the entire process and was able to help me out of the horrible car I had purchased in no time at all. 

I had contacted another attorney prior that shut me down as if I didn't have a case. Doug picked it up no problem and had the entire process done in roughly 3  1/2 months. I highly recommend these guys as they will not disappoint as Doug has great experience in this field.”  –Miranda M., 5 Star review posted on Yelp

“I had transmission issues with my 2013 Ford Focus and decided it was time to contact a Lemon Law attorney. From day one Doug listened to my concerns and worked with my husband and I to get our money back. He was very professional and knowledgable. He was very responsive with emails and phone calls. I highly recommend using Doug if you need a lemon law lawyer. He will be completely honest with you and fight hard to get you your money back. He won our case in a few months. Thank you Doug!”  Millie G., 5 Star review posted on Yelp.

It was just my great luck and privilege to have my case with Mr Douglas.   This review won't eventually be enough as far as words goes , I've said in most of my emails to him that I can't thank him enough. I got lost reading the draft of the case because of how technical and precise it was, you can't lose with Mr Douglas , truly professional and indefatigable service, thank you for your superb service. –Yasser, 5 Star review posted on Avvo

“I will start off by saying that I owned a 2013 BMW 5 series with a serious alignment pull that BMW was not able to fix.  BMW would not even acknowledge that the car had an issue after the repair attempts.  After receiving the run around from BMW several times, I looked at and found Sohn and Associates.  

“I met with Doug and found him to be very honest, and trustworthy.  He answered all of my questions with no rush, and explained the whole process.  Within about a month of Doug taking my case, BMW bought my vehicle back with a full refund.  I never expected the process to be that easy.  Doug always emailed and called me back promptly, and I would advise any family member or friend of mine to see him.”  --Shawn L., 5 Star review posted on Yelp

“Mission Impossible: Possible.  My wife Betty and I bought a new 2015 Jeep Cherokee and right from the beginning we had trouble with the transmission. They had a recall as soon as we bought it to reprogram the tranny but it didn't help. After many trips to the dealership for reprogramming, replacement of parts and even a new transmission, nothing worked properly.   We finally decided it never would so we contacted Doug to assess our chances for a buyout.   He collected all our documentation and decided that we had a case and (a long story short) we just got our check for the full amount we paid the dealership for our car.   He was very professional and thorough during the whole process explaining what would happen next.  We would recommend Doug Sohn for your Lemon Law attorney. Do not let Big Auto push you around.” --Roger, 5 Star review posted on Avvo

“Don't waste your time interviewing another attorney.  I spent the time to interview three different attorneys. When I found Doug I knew I had the right attorney. Who is honest and straightforward I knew exactly what I was going through. He explained me how this may go and he was 100% correct all the way through the process. I felt with two other attorneys they're all looking for the short quick fix on there and not on mine. I felt Doug handle it like it was a personal case to him. He took the time to review my case and make sure I would be protected all the way through the end. Like I said in the title don't waste your time dealing with another attorney Doug is the only one.”   Greg , 5 Star review posted on Avvo 

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