Why Doesn’t the Government Regulate Baseballs Instead of Drones?

At first glance, this might seem to be a ridiculous question. After all, baseball is our national pastime, while drones are flying peeping toms at best, airliner-endangering menaces at worst, at least according to the headlines. But hear me out on this. By any rational measure, drones (non-military ones) are far less likely to cause injury than baseballs.

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This week—get ready for the Drone Racing League. It’s like NASCAR for techies!

What We’ve Accomplished to Date

I would like to let everyone know that I am in the last few weeks of the Founder Institute Program, that began on January 28, and will end with graduation on April 28. Our product and business plan have, during these last three months, passed two rigorous reviews by the program mentors.

International Drone Day is upon us!

INTERNATIONAL DRONE DAY is this Saturday, May 7 beginning 9AM
Where: Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego, 812 Sea World Dr, San Diego, United States

We’re Making Progress

We’re Making Progress
The great news continues to pour in!