As always–here’s the latest news from the world of drones.
International Drone Day is upon us!  And it’s being celebrated right here in San Diego!

is this Saturday, May 7 beginning 9AM

Where: Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego, 812 Sea World Dr, San Diego, United States


Thanks to the work of Jeff Wurzbach, we are continuing to make great progress in developing our camera gimbal/sensor mount adapter.

Here are some incredible computer simulations Jeff has created:

A U-Dot panel:

Camera gimbal adapter and battery adapter:

Our next step is to start making prototypes.  We can hardly wait!

Reaching Out to Customers

As part of our product development efforts, we’ve created the “landing page” I talked about in our last newsletter.  Highly talented local graphic artist, Reva Litwack, has done the work, and it looks great.  Check out the new Sohn Systems page.  Please let us know what you think.  And let us know if you need any graphic artistic work done, and we’ll pass you on to Reva.

Now, we’ve asked out wonderful Advisory Board members to help out by passing this link on to their contacts in the commercial drone industry.  The idea is to get as much feedback as possible on what these industry leaders would like to see in our product, while we are designing it.

Feedback, Please

On the topic of feedback, we would, as always, love to get your suggestions and comments on what we’re doing.

See you next week!

Doug Sohn
Founder and CEO